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Extending the limits of electronic visualization and detection...

Stanford Photonics is in its second decade of providing leading-edge electronic imaging, digital microscope cameras and photonics technology for use in critical imaging technology applications requiring expertly designed devices and systems. Over the years, we continue to be the first to introduce advanced low light products to the industrial, military surveillance and life science markets. We enable research that has significant impact on the understanding of previously unknown biological processes and events occurring at the cellular level of life. We are also proud to provide some of the most compact, most cost effective, and highest performance night vision surveillance platforms to our armed forces and intelligence agencies.

Because of this connection and synergy, Stanford Photonics continues to move forward in its ability to provide imaging technology and microscopy camera solutions to any image acquisition challenge with commercial, off-the-shelf systems as well as custom designs. We do this all with creativity, resourcefulness and the best technologies available.


Life Sciences  
Microscope Cameras - Life Science Camera Systems


Cameras and Systems for Monitoring Fluorescence and Bioluminescence:

Intensified CCD cameras for live cell imaging and capturing of dynamic events from single molecule, single photon detection to macro anatomical and physiological level.

Military Cameras - Military/Surveillance Cameras


Night Vision and Remote Viewing Cameras:

Low power, compact and mega-pixel ICCD platforms for stationary and mobile/ airborne electronic night vision. Daylight-to-starlight.

Custom off-the-shelf and packaged solutions available.

X-ray imaging and detection

Electronic Imaging - X-Ray Imaging and Detection


ICCD and CCD Cameras for the Observation of X-rays and High Energy Radiation:

Resolutions and formats from 1 inch/RS-170 to 125 mm diameter/ 7 mega-pixels/ 12 bits out. Scintillator and phosphor science.

Imaging Technology - Astronomy Cameras  

ICCD Cameras for Telescope Guidance and Tracking.

Atmospheric studies.


Custom Design and OEM Services

Fiber optic bonded subassemblies to complete systems:

Stanford Photonics provides a full range of concept, design, engineering and production services to meet your challenges.


Stanford Photonics, Inc. is registered with the U.S. Central Contracting Office for government purchases and with the U.S. Department of State for export licensing.

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